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Sales process

1. Registration of sale

Look for your device in our catalog, when you select continuous with the registration process on our website, once we receive confirmation, we will call confirm the date and time the collection of articles.

2. Preparation

The closing of this collection, packed the article andn bag or bubble in a box where you are protected as much as possible and includes the contract of purchase/sale that you've sent to your e-mail, duly signed. If you're a company, you also need to include the invoice.

3. Collection

The collection is handled by our courier company is door to door the time and date previously agreed upon.

4. Payment

When we have received the package, we will verify that everything is correct and we will make the transfer. This is done every Thursday of each week.

In the case that you are the Banco Santander you will receive the transfer, the same day. Otherwise, you will receive it the following day.

*If the device is not found in our catalog, please contact us and we will evaluate it directly.

At GestPoint GSM, we offer you the opportunity to sell your mobile phone quickly and at the most competitive price.

*If your product isn't listed in our catalog, please reach out to us and we'll promptly provide a valuation.