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GestPoint GSM is a Spanish company dedicated to the wholesale distribution of mobile devices, tablets, watches, smart accessories, consumer electronic products and articles of IT.

Our main office is located in Madrid, where we have a human capital of 30 employees, likewise, we have logistic centers and support in Dubai, Hong Kong and Miami. Our annual turnover exceeds eur 60 million.

More than 90% of our business comes from sales outside of Spain, so the company has a strong international character.

As part of our growth policy, we are strengthening several lines of business such as:

Venta directa en plataformas
Sales and support

Sales and technical support B2B telecommunications devices, IT, etc., to the global level.


Logistics services and fulfillment to third parties at european level from our facilities in San Fernando de Henares (More than 6000 m2 of logistics facilities, more than 5000 shipments B2C daily to the whole of Europe).

Distribución Mayorista
Compra de móviles

Online distribution of all kinds of products in more than 15 countries.

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